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Non-Profit & Government Organization Logo Design Portfolio

Summit Design has done extensive work with non-profit organizations across the country. These organizations run the gamut of services from literacy to foster care. We are very experienced in working non-profit organizations and we have a keen understanding of the constraints they face when it comes to logo design. Summit design offers discounted development rates for non-profit organizations.

Below is a small sample of our non-profit and government logo design portfolio.

Gondwanaland Health Partners Logo Design
Gondwanaland Health Partners
Gondwanaland Health Partners is non-profit organization engaged in health-related development projects for the rural poor in Latin America, the Caribbean, India and Africa. The logo design consists of original artwork depicting the original prehistoric landmass of Gondwanaland, which today consists of the countries primarily served by the organization.

The REACH Foundation Logo Design
The REACH Foundation, Inc.
The REACH Foundation of Chesapeake, Virginia, provides literary education and materials to children in area shelters. By creating the logo design in a drawing program, we were able to attain a childlike theme. Using the figures overlying the opened books, we achieved a visualization of education and community involvement. We added the sun and the bright colors to make the logo happy and eye-catching.
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Norfolk Marine Institute Logo Design
Norfolk Marine Institute
By utilizing the ocean, the NMI of Norfolk, Virginia, gives wayward youths guidance and a sense of self-worth. We chose the lighthouse and nautical signal flags as a logo design to symbolize the beacon provided by the NMI-the lighthouse is a sign of safety, comfort and reassurance in a difficult situation.

A Promise Kept Ministries
A Promise Kept Ministries
A Promise Kept Ministries offers workshops and retreats on marriage therapy and counseling, couples therapy and and spirituality in marriage.
The Institute for Development of Educational Activities Logo Design
The Institute for Development of Educational Activities, Inc.
The Institute for Development of Educational Activities of Dayton, Ohio was founded to provide continuous improvements in education through collaborative discussions and training opportunities for educators. In the logo design, we played on the IDEA acronym with the symbolic lightbulb and a large amount of open space to represent the open-minded nature of the organization.
The Institute for Development of Educational Activities Logo Design Read the Testimonial

Virginia Beach 911
Virginia Beach Emergency Communications (911)
The City of Virginia Beach Emergency Communications division wanted to design a new, fresh logo to use in all of their branding, marketing and correspondence materials.

Overlay Regional Interoperability Network (ORION)
The Overlay Regional Interoperability Network (ORION) is a communications system designed to assist Virginia Beach and its surrounding communities in enabling military, federal, state, and civilian first responders from the region to communicate effectively in an emergency. The logo reflects the central focus of the technology amidst the 16 agencies (represented by stars) that participate in the network.
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