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Service Company Logo Design Portfolio

Service companies come in many different forms. Let us design an effective and appealing logo for you that reaches your audience and makes your services stand out from the crowd. We have designed logos for attorneys, financial institutions, storefront operations, professional services and many more.

Below is a small sample of our service company logo design portfolio.

Charles Lybarger, Attorney-At-Law Logo Design
Charles Lybarger, Attorney-At-Law
A clean, crisp and conservative logo design that was reproduced throughout a stationery system for this Las Vegas, Nevada law firm.

Construction Management Consulting Services Logo Design
Construction Management Consulting Services
CMCS is an Illinois-based consulting company that specializes in architectural and construction industries. They wanted a logo that reflected the planning and construction management aspects of their business.

The Equine Network Logo Design
The Equine Network
The Equine Network is a nationwide organization devoted to all things equine. The logo design reflects the clients desire to design an easily indentifiable marker that could easily transferred to all mediums for future use.
The Equine Network Logo Design Read the Testimonial

Hershberg and Associates Logo Design
Hershberg & Associates Inc.
Hershberg & Associates provides educational and training services to member of the federal law enforcement community. The logo includes the primary initials of the company name in a stylized font that also symbolizes the pillars of justice and strength often associated with law enforcement.
Hershberg and Associates Logo Design

Postal Pit Stop Logo Design
Postal Pit Stop
Postal Pit Stop is a stop-in mail and delivery service store in Las Vegas, Nevada. The logo design needed to reflect a straightforward and bold representation of the company's core service in with eye-catching colors and graphics to stand out as storefront signage.
Postal Pit Stop Logo Design
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EHB Homes, LLC Logo Design
EHB Homes, LLC
EHB Homes, LLC is a residential construction management company in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Their logo is indicative of their business proposition - they provide the foundation and stability for a successful homebuilding project.

Mortgage Consulting Group, LLC
Mortgage Consulting Group, LLC
The Mortgage Consulting Group, LLC provides industry education seminars to mortgage lenders and homebuyers via classroom learning opportunities, reference materials and corporate consultation.

Elementary School Tools
Elementary School Tools
A do-it-yourself resource and community designed to enable elementary school teachers to share ideas, lessons and creative classroom suggestions.

Paul's Lawn Care Logo Design
Paul's Lawn Care
Paul's Lawn Care of Chesapeake, Virginia wanted a logo that represented their professional lawn care services. This logo design had to be simple and crisp for use on the company vehicles.

Equine Events.com Logo Design
Designed for an online equestrian events catalog, the logo design reflects the smooth lines of a horse with the hand-drawn silhouette and the strong lines of the font are reminiscent of the corral fences often associated with such events.

Lott Physical Therapy Logo Design
Lott Physical Therapy
LPT of Fairfiled, Texas wanted a logo design that represented their physical therapy and sports medicine services. The logo was used in the development of all of their printed materials, signage and Web site.
Lott Physical Therapy Logo Design

Old Sol Logo Design
Old Sol Landscape Design
Old Sol Landscape Design of Springfield, Illinois wanted a logo design that reflected a combination of professionalism and artistry inherent in the their line of business. The antiquated sun is reminiscent of the intricate weather vanes often associated with fine gardens and the colors represent the color and organic nature of landscaping.
Old Sol Logo Design
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Protocol and Etiquette Services Logo Design
Protocol and Etiquette Services
Protocol and Etiquette Serivices of Virginia Beach, Virginia services many high-profile business leaders. The logo design had to be refined, conservative and indicative of the services they provide. They essentially provide the tools necessary to succeed in the global arena. We chose their global approach and far-reaching skill sets as the focus of the logo.
Protocol and Etiquette Services Logo Design

Prime Mortgage Resources
Prime Mortgage Resources
Prime Mortgage Resources of Virginia Beach, Virginia offers mortgage services and they needed a logo that exemplified integrity, quality and stability.

Terry's Social Event Planning Service, LLC Logo Design
Terry's Social Event Planning Service, LLC
Terry's Event Planning of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is an organization that provides the preparation and production of all sorts of social events including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. For the logo, we designed a monogram designed to look like a classical emblem that captures the professionalism of the service. The colors and secondary keep the logo accessible for all sorts of occasions.
Summit Design
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